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Espro Yo - Dark Roast Espresso
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Most think of espresso as a type or a certain blend of coffee. When actually it’s a method used to extract coffee. Nearly boiling water is forced under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. 

Which results in a thicker coffee than brewed by other methods.This is due to the higher concentration of suspended and dissolved solids, and has crema on top. As a result of the pressurized brewing process, the flavors and chemicals in a typical cup of espresso are very concentrated. Typically, those wanting espresso are also looking for a higher content of caffeine. We add robusto to our espresso labeled coffee’s to give them a little zing, zoom, pow!

Origins: Colombia, Costa Rica, Robusta

NOTES: Buttery Chocolate, Raisins, Pear, Cranberry, Winey Aftertaste

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