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Blond Nightingale: Colombia | Guatemala | Costa Rica

This light roast Breakfast blend is the perfect way to start your day. A beautiful Blond cup of heaven, it is a perfect blend of Columbian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, and Brazilian beans. The Dark Milk Chocolate notes are paired with a buttery body and a hint of pear. The light citrus acidity is balanced by the nuttiness of the Guatemalan beans, while the Costa Rican beans add a winey finish. The Brazilian beans round out the flavor with a hint of honey and a clean aftertaste. This coffee is sure to carry you away to a better place!

Origins: Colombia, Guatemala Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, Brazil

NOTES: Dark Milk Chocolate, Buttery, Pear, Light Citrus, Nuttiness, Winey, Honey, Clean Finish

Red Fern

Almonds, milk chocolate and a hint of earthiness come together in Rose Rock Coffee's exclusive Red Fern blend. This medium-bodied coffee has bright acidity and is silky smooth, making it a delight for any palate. The Red Fern blend is derived from three of the world's finest coffee-growing regions: Colombia, Chiapas Mexico and Honduras. As a result, this exquisite blend tastes as good (if not better) than it sounds! So if you're looking for a delicious cup of coffee that will please even the most discerning palate, look no further than Rose Rock Coffee's Red Fern blend.

Origins: Chiapas Mexico, Honduras, Colombia

NOTES: Almonds, Milky Dark Chocolate, Slightly Earthy, Bright Acidity 


Welcome to Rose Rock Coffee, where we strive to provide the perfect blends to suit every coffee lover's taste. Our Scissor-Tail blend is a medium roast with a delicate body and a clean finish. This delightful coffee is made with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Guatemalan Santa Rosa beans, giving it a unique flavor that is sure to please. Earthy wine and lemon notes are complemented by a hint of tangerine, while the smooth butternut finish makes it truly irresistible. We hope you enjoy our Scissor-Tail blend as much as we do! Thank you for choosing Rose Rock Coffee.

Origins: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemala Santa Rosa

NOTES: Earth Wine, Lemon, Tangerine, Smooth Butternut, Delicate Body, Clean Finish


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