Rose Rock Coffee 50% Fundraiser

There are 3 fundraiser options from which to choose.


Option 1. Online Fundraiser

All products are sold online and are shipped directly to your customers.  We provide you with a link to an order page.  Click here for example. There are two fields on this page that are required. This is how we collect the organization and students name. We use this information to provide you with a detailed excel spreadsheet at the end of the fundraiser. When the fundraiser ends we will send you a check.

Option 2. Person to Person Fundraiser

This is your traditional fundraiser - sales sheet, door to door, you deliver! We provide the sales brochure/order forms.

After the fundraiser the event organizer will tally the sales and enter the totals on provided form. Once Rose Rock Coffee has received the totals, your order will be ready for delivery in five days. Product delivery is made to one central location. Your organization takes care of distribution.

Option 3. Both; Online and Person to Person


Delivery (person to person fundraiser only)  - Once you have been notified that your order is ready you can pick it up at our facility anytime during the week at no additional cost. Rose Rock Coffee can deliver your product to a central location for the agreed upon delivery fee. If your organization sells over 1,000 items, delivery is free.


There are five select blends sold for fundraisers, Red Fern, Chocolate Gravy, Blond Nightingale, No. 46 and Osda Kawi. Each blend is available in Ground, Whole Bean or Single Serve K Cup.  Ground and Whole Bean are sold in one pound bags for $20. Single Serve K Cups come 24 in a bag and also sell for $20. This is a 50/50 fundraiser, your organization keeps 50%.

Use the form below to get started. 

Download P2P Sales Brochure

Currently we serve all of Oklahoma and Western Arkansas.

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