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The easiest fundraiser ever!

Why Coffee?

Americans consume the most coffee in the world overall. The majority of Americans drink coffee—around 83 percent—and it’s long been a booming industry in this country. For instance, the average American spends $1,110 on coffee annually. Coffee is an easy sell and can be an easy revenue stream for your organization year after year.

About Rose Rock Coffee

Rose Rock Coffee is an authentic “Made In Oklahoma” product that focuses on freshness and flavor. We chose the name “Rose Rock” in honor of Oklahoma’s state rock. A symbol that stands for survival, hard work, and perseverance. We named our blends to reflect the history and life of Oklahoma.

Why is small batch coffee different? Unlike larger roasters we use superheated air, which produces very low acidity with a clean bright taste, and only roast smaller batches of coffee. The key is to listen for the first crack of the bean and monitor throughout the entire roast cycle. Each bag of coffee is roasted with patience and love, right here in Oklahoma. We hope you enjoy every sip you take.

We here at Rose Rock Coffee are proud to support our local communities in whatever way we can! Please consider that this is a fundraiser to benefit the children of the community. We look forward to serving you and enjoy some of “Oklahoma’s Coffee”.

This is so easy. Sell any of our 14 OZ custom crafted blended bags of coffee for $15. Your organization keeps 40% of all sales. 1000 bags equals $6,000

There are two ways to sell.

Old SChool - SELLING door to door, filling out forms, and Collecting money.

New School - We will create a custom online order form for you to share on social media platforms, or by text and email. Rose Rock Coffee collects the money from the online sales. A check, as well as, a spreadsheet of all online orders will be provided to you upon completion of the fundraiser. See example


When the fundraiser is complete we will hand roast and package your order. orders will then be deliver to your desired location. (Your organization is responsible for delivery to the customer)

Custom Label

Your order will be branded with your organizations logo.