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Five extraordinary blends of Rose Rock Coffee available in 1 pound bags - ground and whole bean, or 24 Single Serve K Cups

#1 Seller

Medium, delicious and silky, the Red Fern Blend is one of the Rose Rock favorites with good reason. Chosen from three of the finest coffee-growing regions: Colombia, Chiapas Mexico, and Honduras, this exclusive Red Fern blend results in a medium, bright & silky taste for the coffee connoisseur. The regional history of this blend is undeniably incredible. Columbia provides 50 percent of all coffee beans to the United States due to their variety of terrains and microclimates that perfectly produce highly-desired beans. Rose Rock then adds from some of the highest quality beans from Chiapas, the region known for their small batches and intense quality control. Red fern is topped off by including beans that are not only delicious but make a difference to many, as they are derived from the Honduras Coffee Kids UNIOCAFE which produces an annual microlot in the Ocotepeque region of Western Honduras. UNIOCAFE serves to empower youth, promote gender equity as well as addressing climate change. Red Fern from Rose Rock coffee not only has a rich historical & literary background in title, but it certainly engages the coffee drinker with a rich sipping experience, certain to delight all lovers of coffee...with good reason.

Origins: Chiapas Mexico, Honduras, Colombia

NOTES: Almonds, Milky Dark Chocolate, Slightly Earthy, Bright Acidity 


This is a light roast four bean Breakfast blend,  a perfect blend of Columbian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, and Brazilian. Enjoy this beautiful Blond cup of heaven that will carry you away to a better place. Why Blond Nightingale, you ask? Because she said so… We were asked to create a light roast coffee blend. At that moment I was listening to Wanda Jackson music from the ’50s. In the music business, a Nightingale is an artist who sings like a songbird. The Nightingale bird is said to be able to sing a light song that will carry away all the worries of life.

Origins: Colombia, Guatemala Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, Brazil

NOTES: Dark Milk Chocolate, Buttery, Pear, Light Citrus, Nuttiness, Winey, Honey, Clean Finish


If you call yourself an Okie, then you’ve had chocolate gravy and cat head biscuits, with salt meat and eggs cooked over easy--extra runny. Our good buddy Kenneth, rest his soul, knew good food and good coffee and went to heaven with a smile on his face. We created this blend to match his exquisite taste and big personality. Chocolate Gravy is a delicious, classic Dark Roast Breakfast Blend that will suit you every single morning...with or without biscuits.

Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Honduras                                         

NOTES: Buttery, Dark Chocolate, Nuttiness, Juicy, Almonds, Orange Peel


We are proud to be Oklahoma’s Coffee and like our fellow Oklahoman’s we work hard everyday to produce the best coffee we can. In 1907 Oklahoma became the 46th state to join the union, hence the name No. 46. This coffee is for all the hard working people that make up the great state of Oklahoma!

Origins: Honduras, Brazil, Costa Rica

NOTES: Spice, Lemon, Herbal Pine, Nuts, Chocolate, Caramel, Smoke


The name of this coffee represents something that Rose Rock Coffee strives to produce everyday, "OSDA KAWI" Cherokee for "GOOD COFFEE". This is a three-bean blend, Papua New Guinea, Honduran, and Columbian.  Papua brings its spicy undertones to the blend while the Honduran adds Chocolate and the Columbian provides that smooth coffee finish.

Origins: Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Colombia

NOTES: Caramel, Citrus, Cranberry, Savory, Spice, Earth, Mushroom