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Blond Nightingale - Light Roast - Sample

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This is a light roast four bean Breakfast blend,  a perfect blend of Columbian, Guatemalan, Costa Rican, and Brazilian. Enjoy this beautiful Blond cup of heaven that will carry you away to a better place. Why Blond Nightingale, you ask? Because she said so… We were asked to create a light roast coffee blend. At that moment I was listening to Wanda Jackson music from the ’50s. In the music business, a Nightingale is an artist who sings like a songbird. The Nightingale bird is said to be able to sing a light song that will carry away all the worries of life.

Origins: Colombia, Guatemala Santa Rosa, Costa Rica, Brazil

NOTES: Dark Milk Chocolate, Buttery, Pear, Light Citrus, Nuttiness, Winey, Honey, Clean Finish


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