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Sample Pack - Bold

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Try three of our boldest blends. Includes a FREE SHIPPING.

Black Velvet: Brazil | Costa Rica | Guatemala

The primary bean in this blend is from Minas Gerais, Brazil - particularly the southeastern region of the Corrado. Blended with coffee from Costa Rican and Guatemalan for balance. The experience of drinking this coffee starts off bitter and spicy and finishes smokey and smooth.

Gaucho: Colombia | Costa Rica | Guatemala

Cowboys love a bold cup of coffee. Gaucho celebrates the cowboys of the world, created a with Colombian coffee as the primary bean. In South America a Cowboy is known as a Gaucho. Blended with Costa Rica and Guatemala. This blend produces a robust coffee flavor and brings together the strong caramel sweetness and nutty undertones of the Colombian beans, with the wine acidity, chocolate, almonds, citrus notes of the Costa Rican. The Guatemalan lends its spicy velvety undertones creating a bold cowboy coffee. Saddle up Cowboy!

Mondo’s Italian Coffee: Honduras | Brazil | Papua Nu Guinea

This classic old-world Italian blend of coffee was developed for the Aloisio family, owners of Mondo’s Italian Ristorante.  The coffee beans are sourced from the same countries of origin that shipped coffee to Italy in the 16th century. Air-roasted to a perfect traditional Italian. The next time you’re in Tulsa, Oklahoma stop by Mondo’s and tell them Rose Rock Coffee sent you.