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Sample Pack - Dark

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Try three of our dark roast blends. Includes a FREE SHIPPING.

Boomer: Honduras | Brazil | Costa Rica

This blend’s name is a direct link to the frontier days of the Oklahoma Territory. A newspaper article in 1879 would change Oklahoma’s future. The newspaper article described the land in Oklahoma Territory as a “Boomer’s Paradise.” The cry “Boomer Sooner” has been yelled across Oklahoma for over 100 years now. We blended this coffee in the spirit of “Boomer Sooner”. When you drink this coffee feel free to close your eyes and feel the spirit and vigor of those brave pioneers who participated in the Oklahoma land rush of 1889.

This is a three bean blend starting with Honduran, followed by Brazilian and finally Coast Rican.  

Chocolate Gravy: Colombia | Brazil | Costa Rica | Honduras

A delicious breakfast blend, need we say more? If you call yourself an Okie then you have had chocolate gravy and cat head biscuits, with salt meat and eggs cooked over easy-extra runny. My good friend Kenneth, rest his soul, went to heaven with a smile on his face. We created this blend in his memory. This is a classic Dark Roast Breakfast Blend.

Osda Kawi: Papua Nu Guinea | Honduras | Colombia

The title of this blend embraces the very thing Rose Rock Coffee strives to produce everyday, "OSDA KAWI", Cherokee for "GOOD COFFEE".  

This is a three-bean blend, Papua New Guinea, Honduran, and Columbian.  Papua brings its spicy undertones to the blend while the Honduran adds Chocolate and the Columbian provides that smooth coffee finish.