Rose Rock Irish Coffee

How to make our world famous Rose Rock Irish Coffee

You will need an Irish Coffee Mug, Hot Water, Simple Brown Sugar Syrup, Old World Italian Coffee by Rose Rock Coffee, Heavy Cream, a Blender Bottle, and Rose Rock Coffee Vodka.

Step 1. Heat the glass with hot water

Step 2. Using a French Press, Mocha Pot or Pour over make 3 to four ounces of coffee using Old World Italian Coffee by Rose Rock Coffee.

Step 3. Pour the hot water out of the mug.

Step 4. Add 1/2 oz Simple Brown Sugar

Step 5. Add 1 1/2 oz of Rose Rock Coffee Vodka (if you don't live in Oklahoma and can't find Rose Rock Coffee Vodka Jameson Irish Whiskey will do).

Step 6. Add 3 oz of Old World Italian Coffee and stir.

Step 7. Add 2 oz of cold Heavy Cream to the Blender Bottle and shake. Not too much, put a drop on your finger and if it stands up you're good.

Step 8. Layer the whipping cream on top


Simple Brown Sugar Syrup

1 Cup of Hot Water

1 Cup of Brown Sugar

Mix and stir. Refrigerate when finished. Will keep for about three weeks.  

Irish Coffee Mug