RED FERN by Rose Rock Coffee

Medium, delicious and silky, the Red Fern Blend is one of the Rose Rock favorites with good reason. Chosen from three of the finest coffee-growing regions: Colombia, Chiapas Mexico, and Honduras, this exclusive Red Fern blend results in a medium, bright & silky taste for the coffee connoisseur. The regional history of this blend is undeniably incredible. Columbia provides 50 percent of all coffee beans to the United States due to their variety of terrains and microclimates that perfectly produce highly-desired beans. Rose Rock then adds from some of the highest quality beans from Chiapas, the region known for their small batches and intense quality control. Red fern is topped off by including beans that are not only delicious but make a difference to many, as they are derived from the Honduras Coffee Kids UNIOCAFE which produces an annual microlot in the Ocotepeque region of Western Honduras. UNIOCAFE serves to empower youth, promote gender equity as well as addressing climate change. Red Fern from Rose Rock coffee not only has a rich historical & literary background in title, but it certainly engages the coffee drinker with a rich sipping experience, certain to delight all lovers of coffee...with good reason.  

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